About Us


After long careers in commerce, we are now able to pursue our longtime interests in travel and landscape photography.  We seek to share the wonderful places we have gone and will go.


We are very much individuals, with varying perceptions of what we see and how we see it.  This is reflected in the imagery within our portfolio.  Bernard will photograph the mountain, whereas leigh will often photograph the tree on the mountain, or the flower on the tree.  This ensures there is a great variety in the work we produce.  We also seek out areas that are “rustic and unusual” so our photography will never be stereotyped.


Leigh is a breast cancer survivor and is heavily involved as a participant in dragon boat paddling with Dragons Abreast Australia (www.dragonsabreast.com.au).  Some of the photography on the site is a testament to the brave women and men who use dragon boat paddling in their journey forward from diagnosis.



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